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Pathway programmes are courses designed to help international students build skills and knowledge that are needed before progressing onto studying a degree programme.

If you don’t meet the entry requirements to study a degree overseas, you don’t have to worry. You can still get there by studying a pathway programme first! You will still be guaranteed entry into the degree you want at your chosen university as long as you pass your pathway programme at the required grade as well as with good attendance in your classes.

Studying a pathway programme can also help you in adjusting to life in your chosen university. Most pathway providers actually have their study centres within the university campus itself! This means that you will not only be improving your academic skills alone. They will also support you in learning and adjusting into a new culture within the university and of the country you study in.

Choosing the right pathway programme at the right university will help you to be fully prepared for life in university and beyond.

Besides, you do want to achieve your goals, don’t you?

So why wouldn’t you want to study abroad?


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